Caffè plus Café invites you to discover your personal charisma, your personal duty for God – this gives you the true meaning of life, because then you do what you are created for.

In this age big confusion enter all categories of life. The priest involves into what the lawyer is doing. The lawyer into what the politic is doing, the politic into what the priest is doing – in the end all are confused and nobody stays in the duty what God give us to do. The Man always wishes more then is good and involves into the life of the other – then you loose your personal road, your personal meaning.

Caffè Misericordiae Domini helps you to discover your personal charisma and stay true to what God want to do with you. It invites you to rediscover the simple life as man or woman of God – the simplicity, joy and beauty like an infant.

Like a mother in God, like a father in God.
Like a Child of God.

The intention of Caffè Misericordiae Domini is eternal life

When you drink Caffè plus Café you can put all your life into the hands of your Creator and give him to reveal to you, what is his Will for you. God wants to save you and bring you to paradise. You will discover, that it is the most beautiful thing to live your life in the intention of eternal life. Otherwise you limit yourself into your personal human intentions that give you only senseless competition. Then you loose the key to enter into paradise.

To do the duty of God – this gives you to live in the presence of God and enter already Now into the kingdom of God – forever young.

Drink Caffè Misericordiae Domini and trust that God will provide the best for you to reach eternal life. In whatever calling you are in – in the simplicity of your calling as priest, or as nun, or as husband and wife and family – you will discover the beauty to be Child of God.

Give up all those wishes, that try to disconnect you from yourself and cheat your personal eternal light – and listen to the Voice of the Holy Spirit – God knows what is best for you.

Please drink Caffè plus Café, relax and give him to do his Duty with you.

Whatever you do – Do it for God – then you can  be lawyer and you work in the duty of God, then you can be mother and wash cloth and you offer your action as a prayer to God, then you can be policeman and work for the Misericordiae of God. Then you can be priest and do your duty of liturgy in the way of God.

Caffè Aloe does not substitute your personal duty – but it wake you up in the duty that you know inside of you. Caffè Misericordiae Domini is no substitution for the Eucarist and your devotion to your Savior, but it will wake up you in the truth to discover this devotion to God in you.

 In the simplicity of your Daily Life, the presence of God wants to be with you, sanctify your speaking, your thinking and your doing and enlighten your day with the joy to be a Child of God.

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