Be Healthy, drink Caffè Misericordiae Domini and be Happy!

 We are happy to present and share with you the first, original and authentic Caffè Aloe Seeds!
Our Seeds of Caffè plus Café- Caffè Misericordiae Domini with the beneficial and healthy “draining action” of our unique Aloe Code Formula are true “Seeds of Happy and Healthy

Our Seeds are a blessing for all…

…for your spouse,
…for your family,
…for your neighbour,
…for your restaurant,
…for your business,
…for your congress,
…for your priest,
…for your hotel,
…for your hospital,
…for your coffee bar,
…for your airplane,
…for your cinema,
…for your sport event,
…for your conference,

and of course For You!

What is Caffè plus CaféCaffè Misericordiae Domini?

To speak to you in simple words: Caffè Misericordiae Domini is the first and original Aloe Code Caffè in Superior Quality  calling Caffè plus Café that gives you happiness and health. This is our gift for all! You can be in any category of the life. Caffè plus Café can support you in the daytime to be healthy and happy!

Our Caffè Aloe is devoted to serve all human beings in life on earth. Caffè plus Café has the characteristic to satisfy the meaning of the life of different nations, cultures, religions and ideologies, because Caffè Aloe is the Coffee of the soul. Flowing from Mind, Body, Blood, Heart to the soul… 
…and give the meaning of the life to anyone.

Then you can decide from the simple things in life to the most important decisions.

 Political, religious, business or family man – 
We invite you all to participate in this universal mission to give to drink these Drops of Caffè Aloe to all the world.

Drink Caffè plus Café and trust.

Johanna, Mother of three children

What are the characteristics of Caffè plus Café – Caffè Misericordiae Domini?

faces of our coffee seeds , Caffe misericordiae Domini

Caffè plus CaféCaffè Misericordiae Domini – is the first authentic Caffè Aloe : by the original taste of Real Coffee, Caffè plus Café is characterized by the Beneficial draining action of Aloe Code which enhances its Aroma and the Real Character of a Good Coffee.

The effect is … of Awakening and Clarity, … of Listening and Consciousness, in a True Taste!

When you taste our Caffè Misericordiae Domini it silently opens all knots inside of you so that you may awaken as a new, fresh, clear, joyful person and child of God day by day, Caffè Aloe by Caffè Aloe.

Hope, Drink  Caffè plus Café – Caffè Misericordiae Domini and No be confused.

Every drop of Caffè Aloe is like a drop of water in the desert. In the silence of the desert where there is very little life the Aloe Plant grows and gives freshness, greenness and life. Equally every Drop – every Seed of Caffè Misericordiae Domini gives Hope to the desert of the human soul…

In this time where confusion, fighting and the noise of this world is breaking the heart and the soul of so many human beings – leaving them in a desert of depression and hopelessness – every Seed of Caffè plus Café- Caffè Misericordiae Domini is like a drop of hope, a seed of life in the desert.

Like the Aloe Plant grows in its beautiful green colour in hostile environments, also every Coffee Bean of Caffè Aloe will grow a beautiful plant of hope in your heart.  This Seed wants to fall exactly there, where there is desert, darkness and confusion – to bring life and the experience of forever young into your heart.

In the darkness of your confusion, every Drop of Caffè plus Café, will fall like a Seed of Hope and Clarity and you will see the life-giving quality of this Seed of Hope. The confusion bothering you for a long time will be cleared up by new light and wakefulness and the colouring of the life and the vision of paradise come back to you.

Where there is the desert there is the element of God to listen to the Silence of Creation again.

What means Aloe Quality Sign?

Aloe Quality Sign

Our Coffee Beans are already monoriginal, biological High Quality. But when they are transformed by our Aloe Code Formula they become Superior Quality with Superior Aroma and Taste. The roasted beans with Aloe Code come back in life to give life to you. When Jesus died, the Aloe was put on his body and then he resurrected – therefore this Aloe has the Charisma of the eternal life given by the Creator.

The Aloe Quality Sign means…
… Superior Aroma
… Superior Taste
… Superior Character
… Superior Benefits

“If you stay too long in the shadow of this world, you fall down from your consciousness and loose the light. If you loose the light, you become depressed and unhappy. So you must wake up again. Drink a drop of “Caffè Aloe” and “Caffè plus Café” will switch on the light.

— Alfonso Bottiglieri, Founder of Caffè Misericordiae Domini

In this time of confusion, sickness and darkness, where clouds are covering the sun all people want to be clear.
When you drink “Caffè plus Café – Caffè Misericordiae Domini”, you will see the sky open and you can believe again.

Believe and drink “Caffè plus Café“”, drink “Caffè Misericordiae Domini” and believe!

For this, we invite You like Operator of “Caffè plus Café” in different countries for this universal message of “Caffè Misericordiae Domini” – are you ready to give these seeds of life?

Drink Caffè plus Café, listen and fly with all Saints to Paradise

Caffè plus Café- Caffè Misericordiae Domini
are the seeds falling from the sky into the midst of this world
– the red ocean of suffering.

In the midst of this world one of these life giving Aloe-Coffee-Beans fall on your tounge and give you to taste and listen to the eternal calling from the celestial Bird of the sky
– from the depth of your heart.

As you find yourself in your daily life with all the heavy burden of confusion, you find yourself like a fish swimming in a read ocean suffering like all other fish…

… This red ocean full of fish is the life of humans in this world – full of suffering and heavyness. Yet when the seeds of Caffè Aloe fall into this ocean of confusion, this seeds will bring True Water of Listening to you.

From the depth of your soul you will start again to listen to the sound and vibration of Creation – from the birds singing around you, to the heartbeat in your breast, to the beauty of a baby smile to you, to the smell of a rose, to the flow of your blood, to the sun on your skin – to the beauty of Creation. This Creation is what our Creator give to us, to rejoice in His Presence of what Is in the eternal Now. Through the seeds of Listening we become forever thankful to our Creator and we become Forever Young. The Dove of the Holy Spirit also wants to come and take you on the eternal fly to Paradise. The drops of Caffè plus Café are the Misericordiae Domini – the divine mercy wanting to bring you in light and in happiness. And then to once again be grateful to our Creator for all his beautiful Creation.

So when you are ready to drink the drops of Caffè Misericordiae Domini and listen to the white dove calling you from the sky?

Listen and the drops of Caffè plus Café –  Caffè Aloe will take you with its wings to fly up from this ocean of confusion into the open and clear sky. There you will meet all those who are called to be Apostel in the sky of Clarity. With the Wings of Aloe Caffè you will go out of your confusion and fly to the worldwide meeting, where all of us – Forever Young – will be united in one Spirit, because the Holy Spirit will be in each one of us.

Drink the drops of Cafe Misericordiae Domini and listen again to the sound of creation.


The Coffee Seeds of Caffè Aloe is such an element  made by the Creator for you to recognize the true melody again.

When are you ready to experience the drops of Caffè plus Café and fly to the eternal sky please fly with the Wings of Caffè Misericordiae Domini to our worldwide meeting and be united in the one Holy Spirit.

Come on Board of St. Joseph Navigator in the Mission of Caffè plus Café – Caffè Misericordiae Domini

Join us on the Caffè Aloe Ship …

…We  will be going around with our Ship to share the unique Aroma, Taste
and Meaning of Caffè plus Café –Caffè Misericordiae Domini to be
healthy and happy – in each moment   of your life wherever you are.

If this Meaning is for You, We are happy and
open for your inspiration to come on your ship &
on your airplane & on your conference or wherever you
imagine Caffè plus Café shall put its “Seeds of Happy and Healthy“.   

“When two people drink Caffè Misericordiae Domini in the same house, they will make peace and move mountains.”

— Alfonso Bottiglieri, Founder of Caffè Misericordiae Domini