The Coffee Arc – our Ship St. Joseph Navigator

Our Ship St. Joseph Navigator is going around the coast to present Caffè Misericordiae Domini and meet you. Aloe Code Caffè wants to navigate and across any obstacles in your life for you, with you and in you.

In the way S.t Joseph was guiding the Holy Family, also you by the mediation of Caffe Misericordiae Domini may navigate your life and your family across all waves to the harbour of eternal peace. What is not possible for the man is possible for God. There is one who can resolve any kind of obstacle in life. Do you want to believe?

Drink Café plus Caffè and you will discover the true guide

Our ship St. Joseph Navigator invites you to come on his board, drink Caffè Misericordiae Domini and give your heart to be filled with the meaning of “Sorry for all“. This meaning will save you from the confusion of this world and St. Joseph Navigator may safely navigate your life to the shore of heaven, so you may say “Thank you for all. Join our boat of St. Joseph Navigator and be protected from the waves of this life – give God to drive your ship again and everything will become in order.

Give all your heavy burden, drink Caffè plus Café and take the light

Our Ship St. Joseph Navigator comes to your shore to trade with you :

Caffè Misericordiae Domini invites you to exchange all the heavy burden of your life – like money, your social power, all your stuff, your arrogance and your personality – all that keeps you trapped in ignorance and darkness – with the drops of light and “Sorry for all“!

Everything what this world offers to you, like fame, money, power is temporary gratification and gives you ultimately suffering. Caffè Misericordiae Domini gives you the meaning of “Sorry for all” of this wrong and presents to you the divine mercy of God that always wants to reconcile you – so please no go quickly – enjoy your Cup of “Aloe Code Caffè” and give our seeds to open your heart and go back to your wife, to your husband, to your family, to your children, to your neighbour, to your nation and to your work with Sorry for all and Thank you for all in your heart.

When you come on our boat St. Joseph Navigator, take of your masks, drop all your powerplay and give the seeds of Caffè Aloe to grow a new tree of “Sorry for all” and “Thank you for all” in your heart.
The water of Caffè plus Café will truly nourish you and you will see:

No you are the captain of your ship and your life. There is the one guide waiting to be the captain of your ship to drive you safely to the other shore of eternal life.

Drink Caffè Misericordiae Domini and discover the true captain of your ship

Drink Caffè plus Café and give St. Joseph Navigator to drive your life.

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