Caffè plus Café – Caffè Misericordiae Domini” is a Creation of our Creator to give to each one of us the opportunity to take part in his Creation, as a true Child of God.

Who are the people of Caffè Misericordiae Domini?

Inside of Caffè Misericordiae Domini, there are different people working as Operators. One of them is Me – Philipp – writing to you and testifying to you, what happened to us. Then there is Alfonso, called BabbAloe, the Founder of “Caffè plus Café” and the “Aloe Code” Formula. Together we testify to you : It is not us operating this Mission, but it is God, Jesus himself, living in us and in the mission of Caffè Misericordiae Domini. It is the Spirit of God that is driving every Operator. It is the Presence of God in the simplicity of working as a Man of God. We – the Operator of Caffè Misericordiae Domini – are all part of the People of God and we invite you to live your life in the Presence of God – so that also you will give your own testimony about “It is not me living, it is God living in me.

Yet in order for you to comprehend this more deep, I will write to you on the topic:

Who is the Founder of “Caffè plus Café – Caffè Misericordiae Domini“?

The founder of”Caffè Misericordiae Domini” is Alfonso called BabbAloe. Yet not he decide to be the Founder of the “Aloe Code” and “Caffè plus Café“, but God decide to use him as an Instrument for one Original Creation of Him. God is desperately looking for his People on Earth to fully accept his Grace, because God loves us. One of those People of God is BabbAloe. During his life God give this Person to die and come back into life only to discover :
It is not me live in me. It is God live in me. It is not me die in me. It is Jesus die in me. It is not me resurrect to eternal life. It is Jesus resurrect in me to eternal life.

So what happened to this Man?

What happens to this Man is very simple. This Man BabbAloe in the midst of the ocean of suffering of this world decide “Either you Jesus live in me – or I want to die “. To live in truth and in the presence of God, there is only one way : To die to ones own personality and wish and give the true Founder of all Life, present in his Son Jesus Christ, to live in you.

What happens to BabbAloe, and what happens to each Operator of Caffè plus Café, also to Me – Philipp – writing to you, is this Point:

We want Only God rest in us. God is our wish.

Together with St. Theresa from Avila we sing:

“Nada te turbe, 
nada te espante, 
todo se pasa; 
Dios no se muda. 
La paciencia 
todo lo alcanza; 
Quien a Dios tiene, 
nada le falta; 
Solo Dios basta. “

God alone in Us is enough. All our wish in its source is One. God, Eternal Father, please your Will be done, you please live in me. Only then we – like Children of God- can find peace, because it is no longer us driving the Ship of our live, but it is the one Guide, the one Holy Spirit driving our Ship and Life.
This Eternal Father revealed His Face in the one Son of God. This Son of God is Jesus Christ –  through him we can discover the Face of God in our daily life.

So when the Founder of “Caffè plus Café – Caffè Misericordiae Domini“, discovered this point in him, It is no more the Man Alfonso living in him, but it is the Spirit of God living in this Man, to use this BabbAloe as his Instrument. Equally every Human on this earth is called to be a unique and original Instrument of God. But only who answers to the calling of God will discover the eternal life in him. Will you answer to the calling of God?

It is me, Philipp, writing to you. But in truth it is the one Holy Spirit speaking in all of us, who accept the grace of God to be his Children. When God came to the Man BabbAloe, this BabbAloe accept God come to take his Seat in his Heart. So the Man BabbAloe accepts to be Son of God, and God himself in the presence of his Son Jesus Christ lives now in a Man BabbAloe. This means to fully give the Holy Spirit to drive ones Ship. Now in every action, in every word, in every thought there is the presence of God, transforming the simplicity of daily life into the revelation of Him as the Creator. Together with all Saints in Heaven we, here on earth, fix our heart in “ Your will, Eternal Father, may be done”, and glorify his boundless Love come to us when We give him to drive our boat, our life. 

When Philipp meet BabbAloe he discovered: I meet the Presence of God in this Man. I meet Jesus himself living in his Apostel BabbAloe by the Holy Spirit. In this movement the Holy Spirit also start to live in Philipp, and Philipp himself now testifies to you : “It is not me live in me, it is God by the Presence of his Holy Spirit live in me.” What beauty to be his Child and give him to drive ones life! All problems dissolve, because in any case: God by his Son Jesus Christ lives in me, suffers in me, rejoices in me, will resolve any problem in me and will also die and resurrect in me. 

How simple the life of the Man who gives God to drive his Ship. How beautiful to relax into his Presence, like a Baby relax into the loving arms of His Mother. In his boundless mercy God give to the people of Him his own Eternal Face present in his Son Jesus Christ and in the Mother of God Maria. In any distress – we the Apostel of God – now have an eternal Father, an eternal Mother and a family in heaven, who is always present to help us. In any case “Please Jesus, you live in us today!”

When Philipp accepted the grace of God, then God switched on the candle of His heart through His Presence in His Apostel BabbAloe. Like This, the Spirit of God is flowing since the time of Jesus Christ all around this earth. Now after meditating on the encounter between Philipp and BabbAloe, please you meditate on your encounter from You and “Caffè plus Café – Caffè Misericordiae Domini
Caffè Misericordiae Domini is like the bridge and opportunity for you, to give God to switch on His candle in your heart. Caffè plus Café” is asking you:

Are you ready to give all your will, your wish, your power, your personality to God, so that I may live in you? 

In truth, in truth we want to testify to you: This is the best you can do, because this means to accept the graze that God loves you so much, he want that you may be an eternal Child of him. Now your eyes may be in darkness, but when you give Jesus to live in you, you will recognize the face and love of God. In his Son Jesus Christ it is revealed to us his endlessMisericordiae Domini”, divine mercy. Truly as long as you stay in yourself, you will drive your boat in darkness until one day You and Your Boat – means your Body – together will vanish into eternal darkness. Today is your opportunity to give the only true Guide of Eternal Life to start to drive your Boat into the direction of the other shore of eternal light. So is it not the best for you to say :” Eternal Father, Your will be done! As in Heaven, so on Earth!”
Please understand that God is love and in his boundless Love he wants to give you the best – means eternal life – and save you from your own ignorance and from eternal death. On this path also here on Earth God will provide the best for you, so you no loose his Presence.

When you drink Caffe Misericordiae Domini, please you remember your loving, eternal Father. Please you remember his Face revealed in his Son Jesus Christ. 

Stop to look on the things that will vanish and become nothingness – your money, your fame, your health, your social power, etc. and lift your eyes to look in the direction of our Eternal Father – into the Eternal Heaven, where there is our Eternal Family waiting for you. His Eyes look at you by the eyes of Jesus. Will you recognize this when you drink “Caffè Aloe”?

Caffè Misericordiae Domini” may help you to lift your eyes into the direction of eternal life – but it is you who need to decide to follow this path. Accept the gift come to you by “Caffè Misericordiae Domini“, drink “Caffè Aloe” and give the graze of God to enter your life. Open your heart, so that the Son of God Jesus Christ can reveal the face of the Eternal Father to You, and so that you may recognize your true Mother Maria. Because:

Maria presents her Misericordiae Domini by Jesus and Jesus present his Misericordiae Domini by Maria. We present “Caffè Misericordiae Domini” by Jesus and Maria. It is only three Person that drive the Ship of “Caffè plus Café“. But it is many Operators in whom these three Person want to live and in truth it is only One Creator who is behind all of this.

So, who are the Faces of our Coffee Seeds?
And Who is the Face live in you?

Please give “Caffè Misericordiae Domini” to switch on your light.

Grazie Gesu! Grazie Maria! We want to love you.

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