“If you stay too long in the shadow of this world, you fall down from your consciousness and loose the light. If you loose the light, you become depressed and unhappy. So you must wake up again. Drink a drop of Caffè Aloe and Caffè plus Café will switch on the light.”

— Alfonso Bottiglieri, Founder of Caffè Misericordiae Domini

In this time of confusion, sickness and darkness, where clouds are covering the sun all people want to be clear.
When you drink Caffè plus Café – Caffè Misericordiae Domini, you will see the sky open and you can believe again.

Believe and drink Caffè plus Cafè, drink Caffè Misericordiae Domini and believe!

For this, we invite You like a Operator of Caffè plus Café in different countries for this universal message of Caffè Misericordiae Domini” – are you ready to spread these seeds of life?

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