Hope, Drink Caffè Misericordiae Domini and no be confused.

Every drop of Caffè Aloe is like a drop of water in the desert. In the silence of the desert where there is very little life the Aloe Plant grows and gives freshness, greenness and life. Equally every Drop – every Bean of Caffè Misericordiae Domini gives Hope to the desert of the human soul…

In this time where confusion, fighting and the noise of this world is breaking the heart and the soul of so many human beings – leaving them in a desert of depression and hopelessness – every Bean of Caffè plus Café – Caffè Misericordiae Domini is like a drop of hope, a seed of life in the desert.

Like the Aloe Plant grows in its beautiful green colour in hostile environments, also every Coffee Bean of Caffè Aloe will grow a beautiful plant of hope in your heart.  This Seed wants to fall exactly there, where there is desert, darkness and confusion – to bring life and the experience of forever young into your heart.

In the darkness of your confusion, every Drop of Caffè plus Café, will fall like a Seed of Hope and Clarity and you will see the life-giving quality of this Seed of Hope. The confusion bothering you for a long time will be cleared up by new light and wakefulness and the colouring of the life and the vision of paradise come back to you.

Where there is the desert there is the element of God to listen to the Silence of Creation again.

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