Caffè plus Café Caffè Misericordiae Domini was founded by the Aloe Center.
We are a community of people living together united by the One Spirit of our Master Jesus Christ

All of us decided for this path, because we understood after many wrong that He is the way to Eternal Life and Salvation. Each one of us died for himself and was reborn by the Spirit of God. This testimony given to you through Caffé Misericordiae Domini is alive in each one of us.

No one of us is living or speaking in a separat meaning of the other, but God himself present in his Holy Spirit is living, speaking and thinking in each one of us. He is our meaning.
This means to be united in Christ by the Grace of God.

Our family is not united by blood, but by the Spirit of God. Some of us renounced their family, some other their dream, some other their wealth or house – but really we did not loose anything because:
By the Spirit of God we have become brother, sister, father, mother, friend and teacher for each other. By the Spirit of God we have learnt to share our wealth with each other. By the Spirit of God we are united in one wish only :
The will of our Eternal Father in Heaven.

Under the protection of our glorious, eternal Father our only fear is to loose God  – This fear of God gives us the necessary reverence to always live every moment for his Glory only. Our only wish is to stay in his Grace and Love. Our only work is to give him glory and to do his will. Our only love is Christ, because God himself is our Love – our Life – our Family.

In truth we say to you: we are many, because by the Spirit of God we are united already now with all Saints and Angels in paradise.

This is the universal Family of Christ.

Aloe Center is one element of this universal family. Caffè plus Café is your opportunity to listen and decide which family you want to belong to.

Either the family of the World and of darkness, where each one is fighting for himself – and an endless number of spirits delude you to possess your soul.

Or the family of Christ – of his light, where each one is brother and sister to the other and united in the love of God by the One Holy Spirit.

The family of the World means to follow your Ego, your Wish, your Comfort and walk the comfortable path of sin and vice to Eternal Separation from God – Hell.

The family of Christ means to repent your sins, accept the sacrifice of God, to take your daily cross and to follow the one Master on the narrow path of virtue and sanctity – to Heaven.

Our eternal Mother

Caffè plus Café Caffè Misericordiae Domini invites you to take refuge into the Arms of the one true Mother of God. In these last times where the spirits of darkness try to seduce and tempt the unknowing humans with great force, we as the universal Family of Christ, have one Eternal Mother, under whose coat we may take refuge. This most pure and most chaste Mother of God is Holy Mary. God himself made this Human to be the immaculate Mother of God, because she was free of the original sin and conceived Jesus through the power of the Holy Spirit.

God himself made Mary to be the Queen of Heaven, the Queen of all Angels and the Queen of all who follow her Son. She is the bride of the Holy Spirit and in this God made her to be the fountain of all graze. When we take refuge into her Arms, accepting her calling to be her children, this most compassionate, most holy, most merciful Virgin will take care of us as our true Mother, not by the flesh – but by the Spirit.

Caffè Misericordiae Domini testimonies to you that under the protection of our Mother Maria, who is the tower of ivory and gate to heaven, no wave, no temptation can overcome the Souls of her Children. Holy Mary is already glorified in Heaven, but God will also glorify Mary and Her children in the last time here on earth. Already she crushed the head of the Snake under her feet, so for the Soul who lives with all heart and with all intention in the presence of this Mother, one thing is sure:

I am Son of Mary, She will protect me, guide me and accompany me to paradise.

Like a good Mother, she will never abandon one of her children. So until we humble ourselves and see how much we need this Mother of divine graze to cross this ocean of suffering safely – she will hold our hand and guide us with all her unlimited love on the true path of her Son Jesus Christ.

But of course, she respect in great pain and suffering the free will of every human, who can decide to leave her Hand and walk in this lifetime on earth alone – the choice is yours.

So Caffè plus Café confronts you with the question:

Will you take the hand of this most loving and most caring Mother and accept her calling?
We testify to you: under her protection, finally we can safely reach the peace and joy of paradise – already now walking in this land on earth.

Medjugorje Message, July 25 2021

“Dear children! I am calling you to be prayer for all those who do not pray.

Little children, witness with your lives the joy that you are mine and God will hear your prayers and give you peace in this peaceless world where pride and selfishness reign.

Little children, you be generous and be the love of my love, so that pagans can feel that you are mine and convert to my Immaculate Heart. Thank you for having responded to my call. “

Which family do you belong to?

Drink Caffè plus Café and give God to save you by the sacrifice of his Son Jesus Christ. When you accept this grace come to you, then walk now with Him and in Him to Eternal Life and Paradise.

God himself is our family. If you come inside, then Caffè Misericordiae Domini finish its Duty for God to give you the information and meaning to be able to decide for your personal salvation. But it needs you to say :
Yes, Yes I want God“ 

Then God will guide you. Then Caffè Misericordiae Domini will help you.

If you no accept, then Caffè plus Café and our universal family is not for you.

If you take time, please drink more Caffè Misericordiae Domini and decide quickly, because in any case the last day of your life can come very fast. Then time can be finished to be saved. Be clear now, decide and be saved. 

We want also you in the Ship to Paradise.

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